how to make your weave stop itching

 If you are worried about this, the following article will help a lot. Here are several ways to eliminate the itchy scalp associated with wearing weave.


Proper installation of a hair weave can definitely play a large role in eliminating itching. The first thing you should do before putting a weave in your hair is to make sure that it has been properly shampooed and conditioned. You should also make sure not to braid your actual hair too tightly. Lastly, you should make sure that the hair extensions are not sewn in tighter than they need to be. After the weave has been placed in your hair, make sure to wash it every other week. Clean hair is a lot less likely to itch.


In the event that you are doing all of that and you are still fighting a losing battle with itchiness, try oiling your scalp. Add tea tree oil to any of your favorite hair oils and place it in a bottle with a nozzle. This is important since it is the best way to reach the scalp while you are wearing a weave. Tea tree oil is used because it has natural fungus and bacteria fighting properties and it will make your scalp tingle in a good way. While you want to put enough to ease the itching, make sure that you don’t use too much.


Before now, it was very easy to spot someone that was wearing a weave. Walking down the street and patting the head was a dead giveaway. There are many people that don’t find anything wrong with this, but it will definitely stop you from looking your best at all times. Instead of listening to Beyonce and patting your head while it is full of weave, the best thing for you to do would be to follow all of the advice given to you in the article above. They will enable you to walk around showing off your new weave without worrying about any itching.